"Earthling, it was nice to meet you. Say goodbye."

-Skybringer before she fights the protagonist[1].

Skybringer is the queen of Bossatronia whom resides in Skystrike Central. She is believed to be dead, but is actually still alive[3].

In MusicTale, Skybringer replaces Asgore.

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Skybringer appears as a feminine Bossatronian with long, blonde hair, with very short bangs on both sides. She is heterochromic, the iris of her left eye being a light-blue color, while her right iris is colored green. While her full attire is unknown, she appears to wear a sky-blue jumpsuit.

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Long before Frisk found their way into Bossatronia, Skybringer took control of the planet, bringing everyone but Kitty into submission[4]. She ruled alongside an unidentified king.

At an unspecified period of time, unknown events happened, which brought many to the assumption that she was dead. Though, she was stated to have "returned", while the king seemingly vanished[5]. Not much else is known, other than the fact that she started to train Badga.

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Skybringer was said to be killed in the hurricane, leaving Skystrike without a ruler.

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Badga Edit

Before Frisk entered Bossatronian territory, Skybringer began to train Badga and made her a knight.

Kitcha Saventhes Edit

G.E.A.R.Z has implied that Kitcha has some sort of crush on Skybringer, putting her as one of the choices to the question in which they ask the protagonist about Kitcha's crush[6].

Lewis Skybringer Edit

Long before the events of MusicTale, Skybringer ruled over Skystrike with the king, Lewis. However, Lewis one day disappeared mysteriously, leaving the queen to rule on her own.

Kitty Edit

When Skybringer first took control of Bossatronia, Kitty somehow managed to avoid being brought into submission. Later, when JackSepticEye died, Kitty found his body in Skystrike Central and planned on presenting it to Skybringer[7].

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Origin Edit

Skybringer, according to Panda, was an OC she created during the development of MusicTale to represent the queen of Bossatronia after JackSepticEye took the role of Asriel[8].

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