Shade is a Froskull who is set to appear in a future episode of SEVENTEEN: Shining Diamond. They are a tag-along buddy to Crimson Rose[1].

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Shade is a small, ghost-like entity mainly composed of a dark purple gas. Their body is shaped like an oval, with a slim, tail added to the bottom. The Froskull's upper half of its body and its jagged mouth are partially obscured by a cyan skull with three pointed ends facing downward. There are also three holes, two of which are circular and have cracks forming the edges, and a diamond-shaped hole in between the two others. Shade's green eyes can also be found in the two circular holes.

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Shade is said to be very shy, and only hangs around those they trust. They also like to make jokes[1].

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Crimson Rose Edit

Shade is a friend of Crimson's who sometimes tags along with her on adventures.

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