Maya Fennec(Nicknamed Mayablook by Panda) is an undead Bossatronian first encountered by the player in the Space Station.

In MusicTale, Maya replaces Napstablook.


Physical AppearanceEdit


Maya is shown to have a feminine figure with pale skin and purple eyes. Her hair goes down to her shoulders and is colored a light blue. She is seen wearing a long-sleeved shirt that dons an even lighter shade of blue than her hair and sometimes a pair of grey and black headphones . It is unknown what the bottom half of her body looks like.

Genocide Route-Exclusive FormEdit

No design for Maya's Genocide Route form has been released as of now, but Panda did state that she might have a cat-like appearance[1].


Maya is an introvert who generally prefers to be alone. In the infrequent scenarios where she is with others, she is very kind and passive. However, she is very emotional and has low self esteem, so she has a habit of crying over even the smallest things. Maya enjoys music, and uses headphones to listen to songs during her time in the Space Station.

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In Real Life(WIP)Edit

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Maya's current profile picture as of January 12, 2017[2].

Maya Fennec(Formerly known as Maya Bergman; born November 19, 1992[?]) is a musician from Stockholm, Sweden. She is known to sing and play, the guitar, ukulele, and piano. Ever since 2007, Maya has been involved in various music projects, including Monorailmusic(2007-????), Preludes and Nocturns(2008-????), an electric guitar orchestra opening for the premiere of the movie "It Might get Loud", Novembervägen(2012-2015), and MAYA(????-Present).[3]


  • Maya originally had half of her soul cracked, giving leeway to an emotionless version of herself that would be one of the Amalgamations dubbed Mayalock by Panda. However, this concept was removed after Panda decided to replace her with an alter-ego of JackSepticEye's girlfriend Wiishu[4].

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  1. "Maybe a Neko look on Mayablook's genocide form would be amazing."