Lewis Skyrbinger is a Bossatronian who was the king of Skystrike. Before the events of MusicTale, he disappeared for unknown reasons. He made his debut in 6l17ch3d as the final boss.

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Lewis is a male humanoid with pale skin and dark, indigo eyes. He wears blue-violet pants, a yellow v-neck, a light green jacket with short, cerulean sleeves, a white undershirt, and a navy blue hat. He also wears several pieces of jewelry and accessories, including two bracelets, one thin and violet, the other orange with three, red jewels, and a necklace with a single, golden crown charm. His hair is styled in an asymmetrical fringe, where most of the hair is swept over the left side, leaving his right ear exposed. This hair is dyed sky-blue, with some hints of lavender at the tips.

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Lewis once ruled as Skystrike's king. However, he disappeared for unknown reasons.

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Lewis is the 8th and final Gym Leader in Citrine and Onyx. He specializes in Dragon Type Pokemon.

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JackSepticEye Edit

Originally, Jack and Lewis were close. Though it is unknown if Jack felt the same way, Lewis cared deeply for the other Bossatronian, to the point where he is willing to destroy Skystrike just for the former. Although Kitty brought him back, he sees Kitty's reanimated version of him as merely an "imposter"[1], and wants to restore him back his original self.

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Before the events of MusicTale, Lewis ruled alongside Skybringer until he disappeared one day.

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"I remember making this for her... how does it still work? I knew the old days... she'd play this melody on her piano before going to bed, and it'd always put me to sleep. But since I'm now a locked up king, I can't even enjoy the melody while this Jungwoo rat is trying to break it with his cables. What's wrong with that dude? Vixen, where are you?"[2]
Like Jack, Lewis had a close relationship with Vixen and cared for her deeply. He enjoyed her musical forays, as they were like lullabies to him and would put him to sleep. At one point, he made Vixen a music box that played the same melody she would on her piano. Even with her disappearance, and him being trapped, Lewis still holds the music box with him and protects it from Jungwoo. Once freed, he expresses his desire to bring Vixen, no matter the cost[1].

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