Dr.Kitcha Saventhes is a Bossatronian from the Frostland. She works as a scientist in a lab formerly owned by Kitty Rose after it was given to her.

In MusicTale, Kitcha replaces Alphys.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Kitcha is a human-like Bossatronian with shoulder-length turquoise hair that fades into black at the end. She wears clothing similar to a typical scientist, having a white, button-up lab coat and rectangular glasses covering his reddish-brown eyes. Underneath the lab coat is a black shirt. It is unknown what the bottom half of Kitcha looks like.


Powers, Abilities, and WeaknessesEdit


Main StoryEdit

A few, unspecified years prior to the Skybringer's regime beginning, Kitty handed her lab and all of inventions over to Kitcha after she became unable to handle her job as an engineer.

Neutral/Pacifist RouteEdit

True Pacifist RouteEdit

Genocide RouteEdit

"I said 'help us', 'save us', but now there's not many left to help at all, because of your dirty work."
-Kitcha before his fight in the Genocide Route.
Kitcha confronts Frisk, calling them out for their actions and then proceeds to fight them.



G.E.A.R.Z implies that Kitcha holds a crush on Badga while quizing Frisk.


Currently, Kitcha is the owner of G.E.A.R.Z. G.E.A.R.Z seems to be aware of Kitcha's crushes and gives her the nickname of "Kitchys"[2].


It is implied that the two are friends with each other or at the very least, Kitty trusts Kitcha enough, for she gave her the lab when she gave up on engineering.


Like Badga, G.E.A.R.Z, in the same question that hints her crush on Badga, implies that Kitcha has a crush on Skybringer[2].

In Real LifeEdit

Kitcha Profile Picture

Kitcha's current profile picture on his Twitter.

Kitcha Saventhes(Real name Homagni Paul; born on July 16, 1992) is a transgender YouTuber and musician currently residing in Stockholm, Sweden.

Originally born in India, Kitcha grew up with an extremely religious and strict family, having to follow rules such praying every night and not being allowed to step on paper[3]. She also had a hobby of singing, but he gave up because everybody told him to[4]. During her teen years, her mother contacted a guru she personally knew and sent Kitcha with the guru over to Sweden to live there for several days. During this, her mother attempted to get the guru to convert her back to the family religion, but the guru refused and just talked to her and respected her like she was a normal human being. When it was time for the two to part ways, Kitcha's mother asked the guru how everything went, to which the guru responded by telling her to let her make his decisions, and her parents slowly complied.

In 2010, Kitcha started to play the drums. Despite nobody but her friends Endigo Skyborn and Petri Valentin supporting him, she persisted, playing in various bands that had a short lifespan. In 2012, she and Petri founded Crestillion, where she played drums and Petri played bass and later lead vocals. She was responsible for the songs "Disharmony", which was based off her depression, "Final Letter"[5], which was about a breakup with her girlfriend at the time, and "One Last Miracle". On December 14, 2014, it was announced that Kitcha left Crestillion to pursue her singing career[6].

On September 10, 2012, Kitcha created her YouTube channel. However, videos wouldn't be published until February 8, 2014, with the video "Locked Room Horror". Over two months after, she started a vlog series initially known as "Kitcha Vlog"(The title was dropped after two vlogs) with the first vlog being titled "Coffee and Personality". For a while, vlogs, challenges, and occasional collaborations with her friends such as Petri and Endigo were the only types of videos on channel. Then, on August 29, 2015, Kitcha released the song "Stay Alive", marking her debut as a solo artist and music on his channel. This was followed by a cover of "Kids in the Dark" by American Pop Punk band, All Time Low. While song covers, would be a main type of video on his channel, with over 17 covers released so far, other series such as "Kitcha Watches Anime" and the "Let's Draw" series wouldn't fare as well, either being done infrequently or phased out of the channel as a whole. As of May 28, 2017, Kitcha has over 8,000 subscribers.

Right before New Years 2018, Kitcha officially announced that she be changing her gender to male to female[7].

Aside from YouTube, Kitcha also has Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Emocore, and Facebook accounts.


  • Kitcha has shown her approval of her presence in the AU multiple times[8][9].

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