Frisk is a human child who is the main protagonist of the MusicTale AU. For unknown reasons, they end up in the Space Station, and now must traverse the island of Skystrike to leave Bossatronia and get back home.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Frisk is a small, human child with brown hair and fair-toned skin. They have a blue shirt with a single purple stripe in the middle and shorts of the same hue. They also wear light brown shoes. Their eyes are never seen, for they are always closed, but their expression is not entirely blank.


The personality of Frisk is ambiguous, meaning that it is dependent on the route they are on. This means that they can range from being kind and pacifistic(Both Pacifist Routes) to cold and murderous(Genocide and more violent Neutral Routes).

Despite most incarnations of Frisk wearing a blank expression, this Frisk can be seen smiling in the comic "Kitty's Cookie Stand", possibly meaning that they are willing to express their emotions.

Powers, Abilities, and WeaknessesEdit



For unknown reasons, Frisk is transferred over from Earth to Bossatronia's Space Station.

Neutral/Pacifist Route Edit

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