Endigo Skyborn is a Bossatronian vampire and mage who takes care of the Space Station. Frisk first encounters them after they end up in his satellite.

In MusicTale, Endigo replaces Toriel.


Physical DescriptionEdit

Endigo is a masculine, fair-skinned figure with his most prominent feature being his hair, which is dyed black, blue, and purple and is usually spiky. His eyes are yellow-green and his teeth are straight with the exception of two fangs, one located on each vertically symmetrical side. He is always seen wearing a jacket; purple as default, and black in his Genocide battle. While his feet are never shown onscreen, it is implied that he goes barefoot(or at least used to).

During his Genocide Route battle, his eyes glow.


Endigo is caring and acts like a parental figure towards others. He also seems to be reluctant to fight, as he only seemed to so with Frisk to discourage them from heading onwards and potentially getting killed. He is implied to hold a prejudice towards werewolves[2].

Powers, Abilities, and WeaknessesEdit

Endigo specializes in pyrokinesis, as seen in his Pacifist Route artwork.

In 6l17ch3d, his special power is known as "Vampiric Frost".



Endigo was once a regular Bossatronian long ago. However, he one day stepped on a piece of sharp glass coated with vampire blood. This foreign blood entered his own bloodstream when his foot was cut, and he was turned.

Neutral/Pacifist RouteEdit

True Pacifist RouteEdit

Genocide RouteEdit

MusicTale Genocide Endiel

Artwork of Endigo in his Genocide Route battle by GrowlingPanda.

"I knew I heard a bunch of noise from outside, but when I looked, everyone was dead. I guess I chose the wrong child, haven't I?"

 - Endigo before battle in a Genocide Run.

Sometime before the player directly confronts the player, Endigo becomes aware of their destructive nature after discovering that everyone in the Space Station was dead when he went outside to investigate the source of a large amount of noise. Then, he attempts to put an end to the player's ways.

SEVENTEEN: Shining Diamond Edit

Endigo is set to appear in a later episode of SSD. The only other known piece of information is that he no longer lives in the Space Station.

6l17ch3d Edit

The hurricane passing through Skystrike somehow manages to greatly damage the Space Station, causing it to crash. Afterwards, he took residence in Aethon, and can usually be seen in Chillby's.


In Real LifeEdit

Endigo 020617

Endigo's former profile picture from Febuary 6, 2017[3] to May 29, 2017[4].

Endigo Skyborn(Born on March 10, 1992) is a musician and Youtuber residing in Stockholm, Sweden. He has been musically trained at an early age, starting to sing in choirs at age 6 and learning to play the guitar at age 10[5]. Years later, Endigo would begin to play in bands, including T.A.J(Lead guitar and composer from 2002-2004), Alternate Journey(Lead guitarist and composer from 2004-2008), Bad Luck(Lead guitar and programmer from 2007-2008), Still Echo(Lead guitar and composer from 2009-2011), Sounthesia( Lead guitar, lead vocals, composer, and producer from 2008-2013[?]), Sonic Vanity(Engineer, producer, and composer for 2013), and Overworld(Lead vocals from 2012-2014). Currently, he is the producer, composer, and lead vocalist of comedy duo NANDA?! alongside Kitcha(Since 2014) and vocalist of art metal band BatAAr(Since 2016)[6]. He also has a self-titled solo project that began in 2015 with the release of the song "Promised Land"[1] on January 24. Later on December 11, 2015, a full album named "Year of Independence" was released on his Bandcamp account[2].

Sometime in 2011, Endigo created a YouTube account and he released his first video titled "Years Egisinal - Gå och lägg dig Petri"[3] on June 14 of the same year(Which was removed on July 8, 2017 along with other old videos[7]). No other content was released for over a year, releasing his next video "Singing Snape"[4] on June 30, 2012(Also removed on July 8). Another hiatus would follow until May 29, 2013, where Endigo uploaded his first Q&A video[5](Once again, removed since July 8) and began actively using the channel. As of February 18, 2017, Endigo's channel has over 25,300 subscribers. Outside of his main channel, Endigo co-runs a Swedish only channel with Maya Fennec called "Endigo & Maya"[6].

Aside from YouTube, Endigo has Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

An A capella cover of "Once Upon a Time"[7] that Endigo released on April 10, 2016 will be used as the opening theme for MusicTale, going under the name of "Once Upon an Acapella".


  • The real Endigo has shown approval of his presence within the AU multiple times[8] [9].
MusicTale Old Endiel

Panda's first design of MusicTale Endigo[10].

  • Endigo has gone through a single design change as of February 25,2017. In this design, he wears a light green shirt, dark blue pants, black sneakers, and a dark grey jacket. His hair also looks different and his eyes appear to be golden brown.
  • Panda first voiced her consideration of the idea of Endigo being a vampire on February 11, 2017[11]. The concept would later be confirmed on March 17, 2017[12].
  • According to Panda[13], the concept of Endigo being a vampire was inspired by the character Xiao DeGuLa from the Chinese Web- Drama "Intouchable".
    MT Battle Engine Test

    Endigo as featured in the test engine.

  • Originally, Endigo wasn't the Toriel of MusicTale, let alone in the AU at all[14]. However, after taking a liking to his content, Panda decided to add him in, replacing the Toriel at the time, Metal Dash.
  • Endigo cries tears of blood.
  • Endigo was featured in a test battle engine, known as "MusicTale Battle Simulator", released on July 1, 2017. Here, he has a single attack in the form of a single, immobile flame to the right of the bullet board.

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