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Bethany Frye is a humanoid Bossatronian currently working for Skybringer. She is a sister of Venturian, HomelessGoomba, and ImmortalKyodai, being the second youngest. She was also a main character in "Venturiantails", where she found Kitty Rose and took her back to the Aethon Den.

In MusicTale, Bethany replaces Muffet.

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No design for Bethany's default form has been released at the moment.

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The curse that affected Bethany and all of her siblings causes her to change into a Tabby Cat. The entirety of her body is covered with a solid orange. Like most of the animal-like characters, her hair is styled in bangs, which go right above her left eye. The irises of her eyes are a vibrant green, right above her miniature, pink nose, lying just above her mouth. With the exception of two incisors, her teeth are flat.

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After retrieving the green orb in Season 1, Episode 5 of Venturiantails, Bethany gains the power to heal others.

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The Final Reach 4/Venturiantails Edit

Bethany is first seen standing in a grassy field, already transformed into animal. Kitty sees her in the distance, before running up to her and jumping onto her muzzle. While initially confused, she greets the Red Panda and agrees to take her back to the den her pack resides in.

Two days later, Bethany is assigned on a mission with Kitty to retrieve the green orb lying deep in Frostland. They head off and encounter Veneno while searching, and the two parties fight. Bethany and Kitty come out victorious, and they obtain the orb, giving Bethany the power to heal.

Alongside the rest of her pack, Bethany departs from their den after hearing word of the Meowtations preparing an invasion. She is last seen when the group comes upon a crossroad, asking Venturian about their next move.

In season three, Bethany and rest of her pack were to revert back to their human forms.

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